SCI has been working with the Champion ShowStock team for nearly three years now, when they came to us they were needing a fresh and updated look. We designed a new logo, and started creating product logos from there. As their company grew so did their marketing campaign.

SCI works closely with Sean and team CSS to provide print advertisements that showcase the families using CSS products. It’s a great way to showcase the success that CSS is having in and out of the ring. Be sure to watch for all upcoming ads in livestock publications.

CSS strives to promote their product on a strict budget, by doing so they are still able to give customers marketing materials to help promote both their operation and Champion ShowStock. We help design banners, post cards, and brochures that are given to 4-H and FFA exhibitors across the nation.

SCI set them up with a responsive website, that has a state of the art shopping cart, giving customers opportunity to purchase off the site. It gave CSS the ability to update, blog and keep customers notified through the website with out relying on SCI to update. It gives CSS more freedom to run their own website. It has been a successful website, giving CSS room to grow and move forward as the next leading feed supplement company.